Hormones and Weight Loss

  • Wed 1st Apr 2020 - 5:55am
    How to flatten your stomach? Pick up a broom. -Weight Loss For Idiots Review It sounds funny at first, but one of the most therapeutic ways to get a flat belly is to actually grab a broom and do some serious sweeping! Sweeping actually activates specific muscles around your core that specifically contribute to using up stubborn fat deposits in those areas. Even crunches don't work these muscles as well as sweeping does, as the back-and-forth motion is great energizer for a sleepy area. Sweeping also promotes a form of stress-relief through repetitive motion that calms our brain. The constant movement forces us to purge some of the daily thoughts and troubles we've had that day and erase the emotional pain that may have come with them. So if you ever drive by my house and see me sweeping out the garage you now know why my husband isn't doing it for me!;)
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  • Sat 9th May 2020 - 5:03am
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